Fjellskinn was created by a guy called Mark. Who's Mark you might ask? He's a guy who's been riding motorbikes for as long as he can remember. Moreover, what comes with riding bikes? Motorbike gear. More often than not, all too underwhelming bike gear, with poor workmanship and uncomfortable body armour. If you've ever paid $400 for a pair of pants, only to find that they wear through, or more than $600 for jackets that don't even stay zipped, Mark has felt your pain.


Mark grew sick of investing too much money on shoddy motorcycle clothing and decided to take matters into his own hands. He joined forces with Mallee Bull Clothing in Armidale NSW and started looking into using quality Kevlar and the sort of design that works well on a bike but looks good when you're out and about as well.


Fjellskinn became the name for high quality, comfortable motorbike clothing made from nothing but the best fabrics, heavy, reinforced denim, Kevlar that can stand up to the test of being worn in the kind of condition that real riders put their clothing through.


If you want clothing that's life-proof, and has been designed by a rider for riders, Fjellskinn is for you. 

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